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Founded under the principle that Education is the key to the future, School Acceptance is dedicated to helping each and every client get into the best possible school. Frank Cusimano, current Medical Student and PhD Student, who is doing research at the Columbia University Medical Center in Nutrition and Metabolic Biology founded School Acceptance to help students get into medical school and graduate school. After a two years, School Acceptance opened it's doors to helping high school students get into college at the Undergraduate level.

School Acceptance was founded under the ideals that everyone deserves a seat at the table and that schools should accept the absolute best and brightest applicants. After working in academia for years and after attending 6 universities, Frank saw a disparity in which students were accepted and which students were not. It was not a matter of talent. It was not a matter of intellect. It was not a matter of money. Those students who were accepted were mentored and had an unfair advantage in that they had help from some of the brightest minds giving them advice on how to get accepted. We firmly believe that anyone can get into graduate school or medical school if they work hard enough. That being said, the admissions process has unfairly admitted students for years based on the timing of their application, the completeness of their application, and the networks they associate with. Here at School Acceptance we are breaking down the doors - fundamentally changing how you look at the admissions process - and giving everyone a fair chance at getting into the school of their dreams. We pride ourselves on our success. We will get you in.

WE Believe YOU deserve to get into the BEST School possible!

Frank Cusimano, born in Illinois, grew up in Kansas and Texas. In high school, he attend community college, his first introduction to the higher education system. After high school he moved to Boston and attended Boston University - where he learned the value of family and community. In his sophomore year, he transferred to SMU and graduated early with degrees in Chemistry and Biology. Unsure of what he wanted to do after college, he applied to graduate school and attended Johns Hopkins University leaving after a Master's in Science. Frank then decided to pursue a career in Medicine, after acceptances from both MD and DO schools, Frank chose to attend an Osteopathic Medical School in Arizona. With a dream to expand the depth of knowledge in the field of Gastroenterology, Frank took a leave of absence from medical school, earned two master's degrees in Nutrition, and is now a PhD Candidate at Columbia University in the Nutritional and Metabolic Biology program. After his PhD, Frank plans to finish medical school, do a residency and fellowship in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, respectively, and then go into academic medicine, academic research, and medical school/hospital administration.

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Frank A Cusimano